Creating ongoing social content for an iconic brand

How can we regain relevance for an iconic brand?


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With relevant content in over 100 segments.

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On Facebook and Instagram by creating relevant content

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The positive sentiment grows every month with an average of 3%.

In the Netherlands everyone knows Verkade. It’s been an iconic brand for over 100 years. But does it still own that special place in our hearts?


1. Win back relevance. 2. Show the Netherlands that Verkade is more than just the regular cookie and chocolate brand. 3. Touch people like Verkade always used to. 4. Improve the story telling and increase communication impact.

Be relevant.

Where can you have the most relevant interactions with multiple and most relevant audiences against much lower costs than with using classic media? On social media of course.

Think digital first and stop wasting money.

The solution.

Do not just make content: Campaign the content! Analyse the content 24/7. Learn. Optimise.

We built a content marketing strategy hosting all different products, all different audiences and all different moments of joy (as in: eating a cookie or chocolate). Every month we created a hero campaign for a hero product.

Every target audience has their own media budget. We segmented the budget towards highly effective and relevant content, generating the best and most valuable interactions with the brand.

The result: 200% higher conversation impact with the brand within one month.

You can check out most of our picture posts for Verkade on our Social Wall.

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