Activating the fans of Verkade with Guilty Pleasures

Connecting the biggest fans of Verkade in a slightly naughty way.


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A guilty pleasure.

Chocolate, for many people, is a guilty pleasure. And guilty pleasures are always exciting, tempting, food for everyone’s imagination, giving an insight in our little, sometimes naughty, sometimes dark secrets and wishful thinkings.

Is it your pleasure to dance naked in your living room? Do it!

Guilty Pleasure 08.

Guilty Pleasure 03.

Guilty Pleasure #04.

Guilty Pleasure #06.

Guilty Pleasure #09.

Guilty Pleasure #10.

Guilty Pleasure #15.

Guilty Pleasure #16.

What's your Guilty Pleasure?

So we asked the core target group of Verkade: what is your Guilty Pleasure? Win your guilty pleasure! We gave some neat examples, because Facebook and Instagram don’t approve of a naked person dancing in a room! We activated the fans in a solid digital campaign and the amount of reactions was astonishing.

Then we made video’s of the winners, spread them amongst the fans again, and again: the number of likes, comments and reactions was not to be taken lightly.

Mission accomplished.

Janinke's Guilty Pleasure.

In secret we all want to know what it feels like to be an official “Verkade Meisje”. Janinke was lucky enough to make that wish come true.

Angie's Guilty Pleasure.

Remember Hansel and Gretel? Angie did too! So what happens if you could plaster a small house with all the chocolate you could eat?

Aniek's Guilty Pleasure.

Sometimes you just wanna cuddle up with some friends and eat chocolate and binge-watch your favourite series. Aniek’s Guilty Pleasure revolved around just that!

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