Relaunching the new chocolate bars of Verkade

How to campaign our new Verkade chocolate bars for less budget but more relevant target reach?


Data & Analytics.

0% Savings

On overall campaign costs versus original plan.

0mln Impressions

With a lower mediabudget than original TV plan.

0 Different content forms

Instead of only 1 TV commercial.

0 Interactions

Per 1000 reached targets.

Endless stream of guilty pleasures.

Your brand has a new packaging, four new flavours and the desire to seduce the Netherlands with guilty pleasures to eat way more chocolate. You have a budget, but you’ll see that that budget is almost gone when you even think about TV. What are you going to do?

Exactly. You ask us to achieve something awesome with our fully digital strategy. And that’s exactly what Verkade did.

Relevance. Surprise. Interaction.

‘The moment is here’ is the so-called umbrella theme of our campaign, in which we introduce the Netherlands to all our new packaging and new flavours.  That’s mainly sending, you’d say. But nothing is less true: instead of 1 commercial for a broad target-audience, we developed about 35 different expressions for specific audiences: videos, animations, picture posts, etc. With 25% less budget mind you.

The result was staggering: no fewer than 835 interactions per 1000 people reached! How you ask? Relevant content per target group and continuous surprise.

We are not against TV ads.

We are brand builders, some of us since 1994, when social media was not yet available. TV used to be the medium of choice to make a connection with your target audience.

But times change, and the last two years are really taking a flight. Regardless, we are still doing the same as we were since 1994: Ensuring that the brands we work for are optimally relevant and loved by their target groups, at the lowest possible cost.

So, with a huge variety of content through social media in the Verkade relaunch, we reach 18 million impressions, and the huge number of 835 engagements. If we had used television ads, we would’ve needed 25% more budget, to achieve only 12 million impressions, and well… zero measurable interaction.

Coming together.

Tasting blindly.

Size does matter.

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