Boosting the ticket sales for Unseen photography festival

Can you help us with a ticket sales boost in the last 4 weeks?


Data & Analytics.

0k Photography lovers

Reached in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.

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Per 1000 reached targets.

0% Conversion rate

0% ROI

From media spend to ticketsales!

Unseen 2017 video

The question.

Unseen Photography Festival has a great reputation among photography lovers in and around Amsterdam. Unseen asked us for help to 1) raise awareness amongst photography enthusiasts in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. 2) To boost ticket sales for the Unseen festival in September 2017, by using our expertise on Facebook and Instagram’s segmentation, creation and buying. 

The solution.

Because the media budgets were small, we used social media advertising only in cities with a photography museum. Pixels identified which people interacted with the content we created for Unseen. These people were then retargeted with content about the festival and the photography to sell more tickets.

The results.

We reached over 150,000 photography lovers in 4 weeks, and generated 24,000 interactions with them about the festival. That’s an average of 165 interactions per 1000 people reached. We reached an ROI on the investment of 300%! Out of all the website visitors 1 out of 6 bought a ticket for the festival.

We’re looking forward to Unseen 2018.


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