Developing the name and identity for the first aromacology scents in the world

The hustle and stress of everyday life sometimes requires a moment for yourself. A moment in which you can relax, recharge and become yourself again.

Discover Eau d'Espirit.

The scents of Eau d’Esprit give you that moment of mindfulness. Eau d’Esprit aromacology is your two-minute scent break. With five special oils, infused with Palo Santo wood the fragrances deliver a soothing and healing to the mind.

Our challenge.

The art of aromacology means to address the mind through scent. A rather simple but impactful way to create a small moment of mindfulness for oneself.

The question to design a brand around this philosophy was put forth to us. It had to appeal to people who experience stress due to a busy life and crave for peace of mind.

Our result.

Our first insight was that presenting this product to your loved ones is the perfect gift. We decided to design a gift-like package that held the bottle alongside a small pamflet with information about the ingredients and the feeling these ingredients should invoke.

We designed a logo that matched the elegance of the philosophy and scent. Using subtle colour-coding, we managed to create a aesthetically fitting line of packages around the different scents.

Infused with the soul of Palo Santo.

Aromacology is an age-old medicine, based on essential oils of herbs, flowers and other plant parts. The smell that is released has a positive and healing effect on your mind. It helps to relax, inspires you and increases your overall well-being.


The Numbers.

Nr.01 Palo Santo with Yuzu and Rozenpeper for an energising spark.

Nr.02 Palo Santo with Jasmine and Mandarin oranges for inspiration and sparkle in your life.

Nr.03 Palo Santo with sandalwood and a touch of vanilla for comfort and relaxation.

Nr.04 Palo Santo with Ylang Ylang and Vetiver for a sense of detail and beauty.

Nr.05 Palo Santo and Blue Lotus brings for self reflection and vivid dreams.


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