Creativity fueled by data

This is how it goes

“Don Draper said: “This ad will work, because I created it.” At Belly & Brain, technology helps us to know better. Our brand teams translate smart data into objective insights that fuel their creative output. And by combining creative work with integrated online and social media buying, we are able to create effective campaigns for sure. That’s where the belly and the brain come together. We offer an integrated and ongoing process of analyses, targeting, creation, buying, optimisation, analyses, targeting, creation, buying, optimisation. Well you understand. It’s even self learning, a spiral of success.

Our big 5: services to make your brand win


Of course we start with a solid business and brand strategy, a firm positioning, a distinctive brand identity and all that. And if you think you already have that all? We start directly with the fun part: data! With our smart data you get to know your target groups better than ever.


Yes sir, we already created hundreds of campaigns. Some of them were price winning too. But who cares. We want to make work that works, businesswise. Our clients are not only big corporates, also teeny-weeny start ups. And sometimes a president.

Data analytics

Thanks to our smart data and objective insights, we know exactly what your target customers want, what they like, how they react on your brand and your campaigns. We optimize campaigns real time. The result: a stronger relation with your target groups and: way more conversion!

Social media services

We love tv, we love radio and outdoor, we know how banners work. But your next growth comes from true integration of social channels. We offer community management, social care, campaign optimisation, social analytics in a truly transparent cooperation.

Social media buying

We not only optimize our campaigns, we also optimize the social media buying continuously. The right content at the right moment to the right person: personal and relevant. No more waste.

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