Brand building

fuelled by data.

At Belly & Brain, the advertising agency, we translate smart data into objective insights that fuel our creative output. By combining creative work with integrated online and social media buying, we create effective campaigns for sure.


We start with a solid business and brand strategy, a firm positioning, a distinctive brand identity. If you think you already have that, we start directly with the data part!

Data Analytics.

Thanks to our Brain Application Suite (BAS), we know exactly what your target customers want, what they like, how they react to your brand and your campaigns.


We’ve already created hundreds of campaigns. Some of them were actually award-winning too. But who cares. We want to create something that works businesswise.

Media Buying.

We don’t only optimise our campaigns, we also optimise the social media buying. Continuously. The right content at the right time to the right person: no more waste.